Never Let Anyone Determines Your Looks, Shape Or Weight - Dayo Amusa

Never Let Anyone Determines Your Looks, Shape Or Weight – Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa is a Nigerian actress and singer, the Beautiful Yoruba actress in an interview with BroadwayAfrica spoke about her career and how she is unconcerned about losing weight.

Read excerpts below:

Speaking about what acting hasn’t done she said “I would say acting hasn’t placed me on the platform I really want to be, though I am making my profit in one way or the other but it hasn’t really given me the main dough that I really want also it hasn’t given me my private life like I really want.”

Talking about weight loss, “As far as I am concerned, I think the issue of weight loss is an individual thing. I am not a kind of person that encourages living for other people. If you choose to want to lose weight you do, I am so comfortable in my body, I love the way I am that is why when I am told I am a plus size, I always tell them that everyone cannot be lepa for heaven sake, if I was slim they would have complained too. So, why would I have to bother myself about what anyone thinks? I believe everybody should accept each individual the way they are but that doesn’t mean tomorrow I might not decide to be a size 10, that is my decision not yours.” She responded

When asked how she plans to juggle her music and movie career, Dayo Amusa responded by saying, “I am an entertainer and being an entertainer I don’t think I have to drop any of it. Though they are two different things but of course they still walk hand in hand so I am not dropping any. As an entertainer ill deal with both.”

The talented actress went on a remarkable journey when she brought actors from the English speaking part of the movie industry into her Yoruba flick titled “Unforgivable”. This movie rocked the Cinemas making it one of the blockbuster movies at that time.”

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Never Let Anyone Determines Your Looks, Shape Or Weight – Dayo Amusa