FLOWDROPAS INTERVIEW | I Love To Keep My Relationship Private - DEMMY BLAZE

FLOWDROPAS INTERVIEW | I Love To Keep My Relationship Private – DEMMY BLAZE

Oyebada Adedamola also known as Demmy Blaze was born in the early 90s, a graduate of the University of Ilorin (Microbiology).Demmy cleared the air in a recent interview with FLOWDROPAS, as he opens up on his childhood, music, relationship and more….

How did you get involved into Music?

Well music is a thing I have always done right from secondary school, in fact I was the chapel prefect in high school having to lead praise and worship every morning. So it started gradually for me till it turns into a profession.

Wow. That’s encouraging knowing fully well that you have a musical background and the church being a platform. You’ve released singles with Danny Young (Alomo) and Mc Walex (My Girl). Which other singles have you released?

Well I did a couple of them. I did Ragabomi with Isolate, did Ayawa with Didot. And I have Sweet Love and Jalolo ft Jay Marcus and Didot. We shot the visual for Sweet Love and it will drop as soon as possible.

That’s impressive. Sir, do you plan on working with any top musical artiste at the moment?

Well yes on the album, but right now I am working on myself alone.

That’s Nice. So artistes usually leave the record label that brought them up once they are established and popular. Do we see you dumping SELF MADE ENTERTAINMENT someday?

Well Self Made Entertainment is my own personal Label. Maybe if I would dump it, it would be for Universal Records or Sony. Lol

Haha. I Love your spirit..

Oh Thanks Bro.

What’s your genre of Music?

I do everything. Ayawa is high-life, ‘Be My Girl’ is RnB, ‘Sweet Love’ is reggae, ‘Fesojaye’ is classic high-life, a deep Yoruba one, and a lot to watch out for on the album.

Interesting… Sir, Are you in a relationship?

Yes I am

Do you wish to disclose the identity of the virtuous lady?

Ahahaha nope. I love to keep my relationship private, when you throw this part of you to the media, the expect the unexpected.

Lol.. Now back to music. Which famous musician(s) have you learned from?

Uhmmm, Well a lot from Danny Young and King Sunny Ade (KSA).

Wow. KSA have been a mentor to many.

Yes a living legend.

How do you handle mistake during a performance?

Well I sing from my heart especially when am performing my favorite tracks. Lol. Ayawa and Sweet Love

That’s nice. So we should see you as a perfectionist. How do you balance your music with other obligations – such as relationship, family or other activities.?

Well you should create time for everything. That’s why you are a businessman.

Yea. I support that. What advice would you give to beginners in the music industry?

Just Keep Being You. Be yourself, don’t give up.

Should we be expecting an album from you anytime soon?

Yes! Definitely sometime this year.

Do you have a title for the album yet?

Not Yet Bro.

Okay. Who’s your favorite designer?

I don’t have a favourite. I just love to be simple and look good.

A message to your fans.

God bless em every day from my heart of hearts..

Connect with Demmy Blaze on Twitter: @demmyblaze1 – Instagram: @itsdemmyblaze – Facebook: @ Demmy Blaze

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FLOWDROPAS INTERVIEW | I Love To Keep My Relationship Private – DEMMY BLAZE