How Adele’s “Hello” Music Video Shatters Miley Cyrus’ Vevo Record


Adele’s music video for her new hit single, “Hello,” continues to break records. First it beat out Taylor Swift‘s “Bad Blood” for most-viewed video in 24 hours, and now her emotional ballad just bypassed Miley Cyrus‘s “Wrecking Ball” for fastest video to reach Vevo certified status.

What does that entail? It means her black-and-white video reached more than 100 million views. It took six days for Miley’s ball-riding video to reach the milestone while it took Adele only five. The competition is fierce these days.

Right now “Hello” has wracked up more than 129 million views, and the number is rising. She might have disappeared from the music scene for a couple of years, but Adele has proven that taking a long-term hiatus won’t keep her from dominating the charts.

Congratulations to her….

If you missed it lately, watch & download Hello by Adele below!



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  1. Segun says:

    adele iz no 1. new she cn do it. ice prince iz also no 1 on itunes.. Milez wlcm bck.. miss ur updates we luv u, wsh we cn mit u one on one.


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