VP Flowdropas.com    —   David Obisesan Olayemi [ThatSocialMediaGuy]

Advisory manager     —      Theophy Esuike. [Theory-X]

Creative Director      —       Chukwunweike Gabriel N. [Chụ̀kwụ̀nwéiké N.]

Official Disco-Jockey    —  Idris Shonibare [Dj Folkie-Jay]

Entertainment News/Lifestyle     —  David Obisesan Olayemi [ThatSocialMediaGuy]

Chief Editor & Webmaster    — Chukwunweike Gabriel N. [Chụ̀kwụ̀nwéiké]


NOTE: only those listed on this page have weight to discuss business regarding Flowdropas.com or represent Flowdropas.com. Anyone else not listed on this page is not in full weight to conduct business with regards to Flowdropas.com.

2 Responses to OUR TEAM

  1. Bj says:

    Great job men. Big tinz on your way!

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