Alicia Keys Covers Ebony / Dishes On “Timeless” New Music

Alicia Keys Covers Ebony / Dishes On “Timeless” New Music

Alicia Keys last released an album four years. As such, it’s little surprise that she’s taking the “flood” approach to her comeback campaign.

Ebony Magazine is her latest stop and she certainly makes it count.

Continuing her minimalist approach to her aesthetic this era, the ‘In Common’ cooer gets “unfiltered” on the cover – and also within its inner pages.

In her interview feature, the singer – who, after 15 years in the game, has just as many Grammys – waxes honest about her hiatus and new material.

Quotes await below…

On Her Break:

It’s been four years since my last project, and it wasn’t like ‘Oh, I’m just going to chill, then I’mma pop off.’ I’m a touring artist, so after the release of Girl on Fire in 2012, I did the promo and toured around for that album. That was about a two-year process. When I returned from being on the road, I was all fired up. I was excited to be in the studio, and the music was flowing. It was like, Vroom, vroom, bang, bang, bang; like lightning! It felt like the best music I’d ever created. The sound was totally alive and outrageous, then somewhere in the middle of it all, we were like, ‘Uh, oh; we’re pregnant.’ My team and I were just about to put out a record, and everything got put on hold. So yes, life happened, and it’s beautiful. My younger son, Genesis, [now 21 months old] is just the sweetest little chubby butt in the world.

On Her New Album:

“[The hiatus is] a blessing because he gave me the opportunity to step back and see things with fresh eyes. Now, I think I’ve created something timeless, music that could come out today or 30 years from now. It will remain powerful.” {Source}
Time will indeed tell if her sentiments about the new music holds true.
For us though, what isn’t debate-able is how immensely talented she is. Hence, we remain buzzed to hear the project.

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Alicia Keys Covers Ebony / Dishes On “Timeless” New Music