Style Tips For Men: How To Know You Need A Wardrobe Change

Style Tips For Men: How To Know You Need A Wardrobe Change

Knowing if you should change your wardrobe can be tougher than you think, especially when you’re caught up between knowing whether the change is because you love new clothes or simply because your collections are old.

It is particularly serious for men since we tend to develop some form of emotional connection to certain pieces of clothing but nonetheless, we need to be able to know when a change is required.

Irrespective of how expensive your clothes and shoes may be, there comes a time when they become old and unserviceable. Knowing that particular time is important and here are a number of things that can help you determine the necessary.

Your Jeans Show Crease Signs And Whiskers
You probably paid good money for that pair of jeans that you love so much and you’re sentimentality attached to it because of the fit and how well people say you look good in it. It is, however, time to let it go when unsightly crease marks begin to show in the crotch area and the knee and foot area is showing signs of wear and tear and some whiskers are beginning to pop up. Let go of them for some modern dark, straight-legged jeans and you’d be glad you did.

You’ve Got Cheap Sunglasses
Sunglasses are usually the last thing you think about when a wardrobe overhaul is in the offing but the truth is a tacky pair of sun shades can incredibly undermine your entire appearance by accentuating your lack of attention to subtle details. If your sunglasses look like they belong in the 60s, you may want to ditch them for a timeless pair. You can also go for a round-frame design or the tortoise shell design that in trend to provide a good match for your outfits.

Your Suits Are Only Suited For Interviews And Weddings
If you have relegated your suits to just interviews and weddings, they just may need to leave your wardrobe. More so, if you’ve never dry-cleaned them or its getting worn out, or the colour seems to be fading, it’s time to get one or two new ones. There are a number of 2-for-1 offers that won’t make you break the bank, while also providing you with the possibility of rotation.

Your Dress Shirts Are Weak
Wondering how you’d know if your dress shirts are weak? Pretty simple really. Discolouration under the armpits, Limp collars and frayed cuffs are all indications that it’s time to let go of your favourite shirts and get other ones. More so, if you’ve added a bit of weight and the shirts hug your body uncomfortably or you’ve lost some weight and you look like a hangar holding up your shirts, you need new button-downs to occupy your wardrobe space.

Your Office Backpack Is Faded
If your job requires you to move your laptop around and you’re making use of a backpack that was made before the advent of the Internet, it’s time to have an upgrade. If you still make use of a backpack that came as a conference material, you need to ditch it for a good quality leather satchel bag.

Your Socks Have Developed Holes
Nothing is as bad as as taking off your shoes when visiting a friend, family or acquaintance and then seeing holes in your socks. Socks should be regularly changes since they are perhaps the cheapest thing in your wardrobe. Pull out your bad socks, buy a number of better quality socks and you’d add more colour, style and personality to your outfit.

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Style Tips For Men: How To Know You Need A Wardrobe Change