Banky W, Peter Okoye Stop Tee Billz From Jumping Off Lekki Ikoyi Bridge In Suicide Attempt This Morning?

TeeBillz & Tiwa Savage story keeps on evolving! It is now being reported that the husband of music star Tiwa Savage did attempt suicide this morning, but was stopped by Banky W, Peter Okoye and other onlookers.

According to Linda Ikeji Blog, Tee Billz almost jumped off the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge in Lagos after Instagram meltdown this morning. Allegedly Banky W almost fell in the lagoon while trying to pull Tee Billz from jumping over.

Read the shocking sceneario

Around past 9 this morning while driving on the Lekki-Ikoyi toll bridge, a car hit his from behind. He said he came out of the car and approached the driver of the vehicle that hit his. He didn’t know who the man was (it was Teebillz) but he said he berated him for hitting his car and asked the man to come out and assess the damage caused to his car. The man looked at him and told him to leave…that he was there for a reason. That he was planning to commit suicide and Chukwuma Ani would hear about it later…

Ani said he noticed alcohol on the floor of the driver’s car so thought the man was drunk. He said while shouting and berating the driver for hitting his car, he suddenly drove his car to the middle of the bridge, obstructing other cars.

The man (Allegedly Teebillz) got down from his car and walked to the bridge railing.

He then added that as he tries to figure out what the man was trying to do when he held on to the car railings, two other cars came to the scene, screaming at him to stop. They were later identified as Banky W and Peter Okoye of PSquare.

I thought I was watching a movie. the yellow man (Banky W) started shouting for help. The two of them nearly fell into the water. I quickly joined the yellow man to pull the guy out and while we were struggling with him, one PSquare twin (Peter Okoye) and Banky W joined us to pull the man out

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Banky W, Peter Okoye Stop Tee Billz From Jumping Off Lekki Ikoyi Bridge In Suicide Attempt This Morning?