Tiwa Savage Shades Seyi Shay Out of Existence In New Interview | Refuses To Talk About Her (LISTEN)

Tiwa Savage Shades Seyi Shay Out of Existence In New Interview | Refuses To Talk About Her (LISTEN)

It looks like Seyi Shay and Tiwa Savage won’t be sharing a bottle of Pepsi anytime soon. Way before her marriage drama played out on the internet last week, Tiwa Savage was a guest on Urban96FM’s ‘Urban Superstar Top 10’ show – where she was asked to rundown her top 10 favorite tracks.

seyi shay

Before she listed out the songs, she was quizzed about several topics i including childbirth, adoption plans, and her feelings towards arch rival, Seyi Shay.

When asked her thoughts on Seyi as a Pepsi Ambassador, Tiwa responded: “You are so…ugh…having an interview with this girl is crazy. See I knew you were going to drop this in anyway, everybody has heard! What? Am I happy for Davido? Of course. I love him. He’s absolutely fantastic.”

She shifted the topic from Seyi Shay to Davido in an instant! Reacting to the interview, Seyi took to her Instagram page to let Tiwa know that she’s not in competition with her.

Listen to the interview below + excerpts…

On her post-baby body:

How’s my stomach? It’s still bulging. It’s not completely flat. But we’re working on it. I’m taking my time, I’m enjoying the bulge. It’s extra cushion for my son when he sleeps. It’s like a pillow.

On getting stretch marks from pregnancy:

Oh I always had stretch marks but not on my stomach though…my legs. So it was just like ‘Hey welcome to the family’ *laughs* and there are still stretch marks on my stomach and my boobs as well.

On if things have changed since having a baby:

Physically some things are south, more so than others but mentally I’m really happy. I’m more motivated…more so than ever before. I have this renewed strength and I think I’m more organized now because I have to make sure my son’s okay, my husband’s okay and I’m okay.

On having more kids:

I do want to have another one but its just that the thought of going through all of that again…because I really had a difficult pregnancy. I was throwing up the whole nine months, I was eating a lot. Even if I still have my own – by God’s grace I want a little girl – I will still adopt because a lot of children do need homes.

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Tiwa Savage Shades Seyi Shay Out of Existence In New Interview | Refuses To Talk About Her (LISTEN)